Reader & Writer. Player & Coach. Music Maker & Appreciator. Mentor & Mentee.

Pasta enthusiast. LOTR-theme-song flutist.


I’m a copywriter, coach, and storyteller living in New York City. Originally from the midwest, I moved to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at The New School—which was the best explorative decision of my life, other than mustering up enough courage to give red pepper flakes a go. Now I never go without. I am a big advocate of animals, odd-but-thoughtful gifts, and disproving the dark prophecies surrounding English degrees—with which you can do nothing anything.

Holding a ball or ballpoint pen? Let’s get empowered. I love to volunteer and have had the honor of teaching in the WriteOnNYC fellowship program and mentoring at Girls Write Now

Though I have many creative projects and abandoned word docs floating around—from songwriting to picture books and sketch comedy—my heart, mind, and midnights are devoted to a work-in-progress novel within the realm of contemporary magical realism. Refer to the shelfie below for the queen of the genre, Kelly Link’s short stories defy the laws of waterproof mascara.